I have managed to get along to Edenside twice this week to Jump, the first time since the snow came.  Which the horses have enjoyed and they definitly seem to remember what to do, Pheeew!  So hopefully we will manage to get to some competitions in the not to distant future!

I am running a XC Workshop at Edenside on the 19th and 26th of Feb which has had a great responce (limited spaces if anyone is keen) so I hope the weather holds! 

We have four additional horses in, or coming shortly, to start to get fit which is very nice.   I am not sure that Duck will be pleased to have to share the spot light with another Advanced horse, I think he will be relieved it is not perment!  I am hoping he might pick up some tips (not that he needs many!)

Next week I am making a flying trip south for a couple of Dressage Lesson to knock of a bit of the winter rust and in preperation Duck was having his final Clip.  A bit of a glitch though as the clippers seem to be packing it in, so he has 3/4 of his body and three legs done so far, mmmmmmhhh I hope they come back to life tomorrow or I am going to look like a right hill billy!





The snow has been causing a few problems with the preparations for the 2011 season!  We did manage to get the lorry out today though, so the horses have been ridden for the first time in about 4 weeks, it is great to get started again. 

This is a photo of Mango and Elton enjoying being out and about in the snow before it started to get really icey.

Pre-snow Spike and Ashley went to Howe for  a Dressage outing, both winning their classes.  Ashley also headed off to Rowallan for some BSJA and had fun jumping in the 1.10 and 1.20.