Sadly no Kirrimuir as Elton had pulled a shoe off on the cross country at Belton and then stood on it so a bit of a sore foot!  He has been out since to have a couple of Dressage lessons, but  has a bit of a wait now till Scone for his next outing.  I did head up to Kirrie  though to catch up with every one on the Scottish circuit and give the Barges a bit of a hand with thier first run of the season.

Since then I then I have been south to  Carl's to do some Dressage training, so I have done a lot of trucking in the last three days but it was well worth it, two really good lessons with Duck.  On the way home, I stop just short of Birmingham to pick up Ellen Stanwells, Stan, who I had had a brief sit on the last time I was down at Carl's.  He hasn't had much time to settle in as he has already had a trip to Edenside to see what his jumping is like (feels like there is a good spring there!) and on Monday he is heading to Strathearn for the Hunter Trail! 

Before I went South I took Spike to do his first Hunter Trail at Gleneagles he behaved impecably and won so a good first introduction to competions for him, he will go with Stan on Monday to Strathearn.  

Outings that are coming up are Strathearn Hunter Trail (Spike, Stan) then Scone with Elton
Home again after another long trip south but it was definitly a fun couple of days away with Duck really excelling himself. 

Elton started everything off with a slightly below par for him Dressage(36) but he  then Show Jumped well after a very long delay in collecting ring, (the stewards had got in a bit of a muddle) so after hanging around for an hour he was a bit past caring but just tipped 1 pole. He then went onto the Cross country and jumped a lovely round and finished up 11th.

Duck also started on Friday doing a Fab Dressage test  which left him in 3rd over night.  We then had a free day on Saturday to walk the XC and watch a few of the Intermediates and some more of the Advanced Dressage which made a nice change from rushing about. 

Then on Sunday Duck did his Show Jumping immaculatly! Jumping clear inside the time (some of my winter BSJA jump off turns had to be dusted off as the time was very tight!)  We then headed straight off to XC which was causing a fair bit of trouble but not for Duck!!!!  He felt amazing was really focused and it felt more like Pony Club than Advanced.  We finished 7th out of a class of about 50 so really chuffed with him.

Kirriemuir this weekend coming with Elton

Elton at Bleton!