Just a quick message to say a big thank you to all my owners this year, you have all been great to ride for and it has been a great year, with Wins for Elton and Stan a Second with Basil and then the Mighty Duck completing both Luhmuhlen and Burghley CCI ****.  As well as a lot of other nice horses, over the year, who have been in for schooling.  

I have also really enjoyed teaching, everyone that has been here for lessons or at any of the cross country clinics over the year.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon and setting some targets of the coming season! 

A thank you to my trainers and support crew, a very vital part of the success of this year and a big thanks to Sponsor’s TopSpec who have been so supportive and have fed Duck from his First PN to his First, Second and hopefully many more 4 stars!!!!

Happy New Year and a Successful 2012!!!!!

2011 Front Covers!
The snow has arrived ahhhhhhhhhh so this week has involved digging out/sweeping and gritting the walker and changing rugs in order to keep all the horses entertained.  We are still lorry less at the moment so can’t even venture off the hill to a nice indoor to have some fun.  Very dull!!!!!!

We had to borrow a lorry, in order to get Duck and Elton to Gleneagles to do the Demo with Yogi at the end of November.  There was a bit of a change to the plan at the beginning of the Week, which meant that Elton was added to the list of Guinea pigs which was good news for him.  So two freshly clipped horses and a borrowed lorry later we headed off for Gleneagles.

Duck was very pleased to see a large crowd gathered for him again and did spend a bit of time playing to the crowd before getting down to a bit of work!  He was doing the Dressage part of the Masterclass and it was great to get Yogi’s feed back on things to work on to pick up every valuable mark in the Dressage.  We then had a fairly speedy change around to get Elton, for the cross country section.  He was joined by Wills Oakden on the Dudgeons, Zipilo, so a bit of competition!  Again a really good session with Yogi, taxing both us riders and horses with loads of questions that needed quick thinking and reactions as well as focus from us.  This was a great opportunity for Elton to be in a bigger atmosphere environment and good to have him really challenged, as I find he often thinks he knows best so with ever changing exercises and lots of gymnastic work he had to really work hard.  So a fun evening for me and hopefully the audience!

We did have the lorry home for a day last week before it was whisked away again, so I did get everything down to Edenside for a jump. They have just got a new surface in there indoor which is great to ride on so they all jumped well, but the one that really got in gear was Spike, with Alistair deciding it was time we cranked things up for him, so the jumps got hiked up and he really pulled his finger out and jumped fab, so that was worth the trip! 

Nothing in the diary for the moment, but hopefully the snow will go away and the lorry will come back and then we can set about making some plans!