We are all back safe and sound from Blair athough a little on the tired side!  It was a very good week with all the horses putting in very good performances.  Spike was the first to finish as he was doing the Novice Working Hunter, he jumped a really nice round, one of only 9 clears from around  50 starters, he is brave, so sheep pens (with sheep in) water trays, scare crows and Chickens were not enough to stop him.  We went back in for the show bit which he got pulled in first for, with everything added everything up he finish in 3rd.   I was thrilled with this as he was definitly the baby of the bunch and behaved impeccably.

Elton did a really nice Dressage, I thought the Judges were a little tough on him and Duck, he got a 52, not to bad for his first 3 day, he is Mr Cool and was definately not in the slightest bit  phased by the grand setting.  He went on to jump a good clear XC with 2 time penanlties finishing full of running with a low heart rate so that is a good sign for future competitions.  He came out as if he was at the start of the competition rather than the end of a long week for his Show Jumping and jumped a lovely round just touching the first fence but not going to touch a pole after that so a good result and hopefully I will take him out again later in the season to finish with an Intermediate run, have missed Scone due to the weather.

Duck was very pleased to be back at Blair he definatly knows were he is when he arrives there!  He did a good test in very sloppy conditions, which were'nt ideal for Dressage.  He then jumped a lovely round Show Jumping clear inside the time which is always a challenge, so some tight turn backs kept him concentrating!   The show jumping had definately shuffled the order arround a bit so it was worth kicking on XC, he jumped really well finishing 7th in the CIC *** and hopefully that has given his FEI points a good boost and have set him up for Burghley.

And the good news is we are in to BURGHLEY, number 100! So we will head there on Tuesday after Drumclog on Saturday with Stan.

Spike checking out the sheep in the sheep pen!


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